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    The DRUM | BIRDIE BOY meditation cushion

    Available in three heights.
    100 % cotton, filled with organic spelt husks.
    Made in Berlin.


    The Purpose

    A DRUM will help you to sit straight during meditation. So keeping the right (and healthy!) posture during meditation will be a lot easier than if you use anything else to place your lovely bum on. Meditating will be less hard on a physical level and we all know that we are more likely to do things (or do them longer) if they are less hard, right?

    Practical benefits aside: It's beautiful to have something pretty specifically dedicated to your meditation practice. Just because. 

    If you're a multipurpose advocat rather: Placed on your lap a DRUM makes a great "table" for your laptop or a book. So you don't have to bend your head and your arms can nicely rest on the soft edges. And obviously the DRUMS also work as lovely seating cushions that will add a little something to your interior.

    The Dimensions

    The DRUMS are 33 cm in diameter.

    So they're a little bigger than meditation cushions usually are. Because we think it should be as comfy as possible and not make anyone feel as if it's not made for them.

    To make sure you and your DRUM are a good fit they're available in three heights:

    10 cm | 14 cm | 18 cm. 

    Not sure what's best for you? Get guidance here. Also keep in mind that you can easily adjust the height and firmness of your DRUM to your individual preference by removing or adding filling. 

    [Please be aware that the actual dimensions of your DRUM might slightly vary from the numbers above. It's a handmade product and filled with natural material that can slightly vary in volume.]

    The Construction 

    The DRUM is a two-piece meditation cushion: It's made from the pretty cover you see from the outside and a core that sits in the cover and holds the filling.

    This will allow you to wash the cover super hassle-free: remove it from the core via the zipper at the bottom of the cover and reassemble after washing. No need to deal with filling spilling all over the place.

    Should you want to adjust the height and firmness of your DRUM, simply add or remove filling. It's accessible via a zipper in the core.

    The Material

    The cover: A robust, yet soft fabric made from 100% cotton.
    The core:  Fabric made from 100% cotton.
    The filling: Organic spelt husks (certified).

    All fabrics have the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certificate.

    The Care

    The cover is machine washable.