You are a studio owner (to be) and would like to equip your studio with our products?

We think that's a really good idea and would be honoured if you do!  

You are a corporate entity and looking for a really mindful and state of the art corporate gift for your employees, customers or partners?

We are able to create custom designs with your corporate identity and design in mind. And would love to get creative together!

You are running a hotel and want to equip your yoga space with our products or create custom designs to match your corporate design?

We would love to contribute to giving your guests the best experience!

You are an influencer and think you and us would make a great match?

We would love to hear more!   

You are someone we haven't mentioned here?

Apologies. Of course we still want to hear about your ideas!


To all of you:
We're curious to hear what you have in mind and to figure out the magic we can create together.

Write us an email at or fill out the contact form on the contact page and we'll get back to you soon.