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Studio Lietz Founder Mandana

STUDIO LIETZ was created in 2020 by our founder Mandana. Now, you probably think someone who sets up a business with this kind of products knows anything about textiles, product design, or at least fashion. Well... She didn't. Because she studied law and became a lawyer in what's considered one of the most prestigious law firms in Germany. 

While living in London in 2018 and during a personal shake-up she discovered and found remedy in yoga and meditation, and both have ever since been a (let's be honest though: not big enough) part of her life. At the same time she started considering to leave that high-fly law career and go for something that spoke to her heart more. So she ended up quitting her job, tried to sort things out, started a business for luxury handbag accessories (yep...) and – we're in March 2020 now, so you know who's showing up next – along came C*****.

Which worked two things: Mandana's initial business idea was facing challenges that basically meant a standstill and she was practicing yin yoga online at home. After a couple of classes she figured her regular pillow really didn't do the job, something more pro was needed, and wanted to order a yoga bolster. So she googled. But everything that showed up wasn't her style (like AT ALL). Too boring, too "esoteric", too crazy colourful. Nothing she could identify with. It took her about 30 minutes of searching the web to realise that what she wanted didn't exist. And then another 30 minutes to decide "Then I will do it myself." And well, here we are... 

So while we hope our products and this web shop look crazy professional, we are a small business that has only been launched and needs all the support in the world. (Really.) If you want to contribute to making this a success, then please tell people about us, follow us on Instagram and engage with our content, leave a review, and tell even more people about us. (Ordering our products also helps.) 

Thank you so much!

Unique Prints

Every design you see in our products, whether it's printed on fabric or cork or elsewhere, has been created from scratch in our Berlin studio. The creative process can take quite some time (and sometimes even sweat and tears), but it makes all our designs absolutely unique and we can be sure that everything we offer is exactly what we (and hopefully you) love. Without any compromise.

Handmade Products

We tend to forget that almost any product made from textiles is a handmade product. That in order for it to come to life a human being is taking the single parts for each product in their hands and sewing them. They sure use a sewing machine. But other than that there is no automation here. It requires the time it requires.

And it requires way more time than you probably think (because, to be frank, it requires more time than we thought...). To make our DRUMS and TUBES, for example, takes about one hour and fifteen minutes of sewing work. That's because they are made of a cover and a case, so it's basically two products.

From a business perspective this means that the sewing work is not "scalable". It means that this production step does not get cheaper only because you produce more pieces. And that means the only way to save cost on this production step is to get the necessary amount of time for less money. Which means that the human being doing the work gets less money. Which basically means you have to take your production to places where labour is cheap. And ship things back and forth around the world.

We decided to not do that. To instead keep our production in Europe. All STUDIO LIETZ products made from fabric are sewn in a sewing shop in Poland or in Germany.

Made in Berlin with European Partners

Berlin is where all the ideas are born, where the graphic designs for our products are created and where our products are filled, assembled and shipped from.

We think it's absolutely worth it to strive to produce and source locally. To not ship everything back and forth around the world. That's why we have done our best to work with European suppliers and producers only (warning, long list ...): 

The fabric for our covers is designed in Berlin and printed in a German printing company. The filling material for the DRUMS and TUBES originates from European farmers and the more standard fabric for their cores is made in Europe. The cork for the BLOCKS makes its way to us directly from Portugal and they are printed in Berlin. Our products are sewn in Poland and filled and assembled in Berlin, and all the labels are from Italy. To be honest, for the zippers we cannot tell – we wanted the good YKK ones and it's basically impossible to trace where they were made. 

Packaging & Shipping

We try to ship our products in boxes that are custom made for them. Why? Because that spares the environment (and our storage and your garbage) a looot of packaging material nobody really needs. However, due to the possible variations of numbers and sizes of items customers order we cannot always ensure shipping in custom size boxes that don't need additional packaging material.

We ship our parcels with the GoGreen option offered by DHL. That makes our shipping climate neutral.

The Prices

While it should be needless to say this, we know from own personal experience that it isn't: All of the above comes at a price. A high(er) retail price. It's a choice everyone has to make on a personal level. We are confident that forward thinking people appreciate this way of business and are willing to support it if their personal financial circumstances allow. If you do, we say THANK YOU!